A circus show that I watched recently

I have never been to any circus shows for long but I have vague memories of going out for circus with my family when I was a young boy. We had great fun together having popcorns and candy sweets. Busy with my professional and personal life, I hardly had time for such leisure. I had to go for business conferences very often, mostly out of the city.

Well, my lady love Samantha and my little angel Samira always complain for not spending quality time with them. Going for a circus show was totally out of the box. But recently, Jay my neighbour ringed and asked if I wished to go for a circus show. It was like they booked the tickets in advance, but unfortunately they had some other urgent plans. They wanted us, if we wished, to use their tickets. There were three tickets and since it was a weekend I thought it will be fun to go with Samantha and Samira.

The Big Apple Circus hoardings were placed all over New York City. After long years, again I got a chance to watch it all again with my family. Really, it did take me to the past when I was a young boy so excited to watch the breathtaking show. Well, I could see the same spark in Samira too. She was more excited to watch the show since she had known about it only in her work books.

The streets were lighted with red, green and blue. Each letter of the BIG APPLE CIRCUS was highlighted in golden lightings that dominated the rest of the decors.   Before entering the main entrance, we bought corn ice creams for us. Samira insisted for chocolate flavour. The show started. Within few minutes, young ladies and guys all dressed up in attractive costumes lined up the stage.

The way the artists jumped from one ring to another was something really breathtaking to watch. They took from heights and just swung in the air with great balance. The flexibility and perfection was something that needs great applaud. I don’t know I had a mix of emotions for them. The dedication, hardship and coordination were simply awesome. They also did lots of tricks on probes too.

The funny and audacious moves of elephants and tigers did really impressed Samira. She was just dancing on her seat with excitement and joy. I was just thinking about their dedication. They are also just normal human beings like us who works hard for their daily living. More importantly they are so passionate about their work. Even at high risk, they entertain us to the fullest. We took lots of snaps, had pop corns, candies etc. The show ended late in the night. It was real fun, even Samira enjoyed to the fullest.

Jennifer Lopez Beauty – The perfume for Women

Jennifer Lopez is known to be an all rounder celebrity that has made her mark in the industry as an actress, fashion designer and one of the most popular recording singers. She actually started a career as a dancer and then made her way to the movies.

Other than fashion designing J’Lo has also brought a range of scents collection which is known as Jennifer Lopez Beauty. This perfume is especially targeted towards women and one can find a whole lot of varieties in beauty, however she has also launched a single cologne lable for men as well which comes under J’Lo lable and is known as Deseo for Men. Besides that, she also has a number of cologne ranges for women.

Is her brand a success?
This beauty collection is known to be a success, not just because it is lable or entitled with her name, but it is also distinctive from every other scents. She possesses a strong personality which has a sense of style and taste, and as she is a woman she really knows what a woman want.

Is this an independent brand?
This beauty brand is not an independent brand; the name of the parent company is Coty which excels in production of fragrance, hence giving it an upper hand when it comes to scent, as this one can’t be said as the rookie among other women cologne.

When was the first perfume introduced?
The very first perfume was introduced in the year 2002 and was named as Glow. As soon as the Glow was launched in the market it became an untimely success. The shape of this cologne closely resembles to the figure size of her, and this thing attracted a whole lot of women towards this scent, moreover men who were willing to give a perfume gift to their wives or girl friends prefer to go with Jennifer Lopez’s Glow, as the shape of the perfume attracted them as well. After the success of this item, a new range of beauty products was launched and each and every one of them became an untimely success. However the very first and the only scent in men’s range was launched after six years of Glow.

What number of different scent types have launched under the name of Jennifer Lopez Beauty?
Till now 17 perfumes have been launched under her brand name. It has been about 11 years of success of this brand name, and it seems that it would still contribute to the fullest in branded perfume industry. However these perfumes are not just made with Coty but a great number of colonge were made in collaboration with Louise Turner, Harry Fremont, Michael Girard and many more!

Why is it good to try everything at least once in a life?

Most people at the end of their lives think about the things that they haven’t done in their lives, especially when they were young and energetic and they think that they have literally wasted their lives for no good reason. Everyone has some dreams that he wants to achieve in his life, but most of the time people fail to achieve what they have desired for, and this is mainly because of the fact that they haven’t tried harder or they haven’t tried it at all. Such individuals regret at the end of their lives and they think that they should have tried that thing in their life. So if you don’t want to feel miserable at the end of your lives it is always recommended that you should try many things at least once in your life.

When I say “everything” it doesn’t mean each and everything! What you do must be positive and legal.

When you try everything (positive activity) at least for once you will:

Feel more lively and Adventurous
Just by trying any positive activity for once, you will surely feel more lively and more adventurous, and this is because you have tried something that you have never thought about or the thing that you have been planning  all along, this will assuredly give you an immense boost and confidence which will assist you in your personal as well as in your professional life.

Have more stories to share
People love to be with the one that has more stories to share about different things. When you try to go with different things / activities you will surely have more stories to share with other person, which would attract other towards you.

Be able to meet new individuals
When you try new and different things, you will surely get to know and meet hundreds of other people too. You might also find people that have similar thoughts as you, and you might find your soul mate just by involving in all such random fun activities.

Be able to learn about your limits
When you try different things you will surely learn about yourself too! Like what are your limits and to which extent you can expand yourself in order to achieve your required target. This thing has surely allowed people to understand about their own selves.

Enhances your personality
Just by involving / engaging in other activities, your personality would be enhanced to masses, as you will build up confidence, hence allowing you to perform better in your day to day life.